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It was 1998 when I made a choice to integrate meditation into my daily self-care routine. Hello, my name is Daniel Marty and I am the founder of 'Inspired Living Retreats.' After practicing stillness for almost twenty years daily - for an hour or two - I like to share with you the nuts and bolts of a successful meditation practice at home. What yogis have been teaching for thousand of years about stillness is now backed up by science and the only question is - when are you starting to reap the mind blowing benefit of your meditation practice:

- Increases self-awareness and spiritual experiences
- Increases your attention span
- Increases immunity and helps fight diseases
- Improves metablism and helps you lose weight
- Helps you have a good night sleep
- Improves functioning of your brain
- Makes you and those around you happier
- Helps you feel more connected
- Helps you appreciate life more
- Adds more qualitiy time to your day
- Reduces aging
- Keeps you stress free

This weekend meditation retreat for beginners and seasoned practitioner will explore every aspect of starting and deepening your personal meditation practice. Expect meaningful conversations, time spent in silence  and practical tips to bring the healing benefit of stillness  into every aspect of your life. Of course there will be plenty of time to play, network move and explore the outdoors alone or in the company of new friends.

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