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 explore the power of stillness
within you 

This  meditation retreat for beginners and seasoned practitioner will explore every aspect of starting and deepening your personal meditation practice. Expect meaningful conversations, time spent in silence  and practical exercises, enabling you to bring the healing benefit of stillness  into every aspect of your life. There will also be plenty of time to play, rest, network, move and explore the great outdoors.

Here are some of the mind blowing benefits of starting or deepening your personal meditation practice:
- Gives you a first hand experience of spirituality
- Helps you focus your attention on a single point
- Calmes the constant chatter of the mind
- Brings awareness into your circumstances in life
- Makes you and those around you happier
- Gives you a deep sense of connection
- Helps you see the beauty in everything
- Gives you space to regain clarity and purpose
- Re-energizes you on a cellular level
- Helps you to deal better with stress and challenges

Come join me for this amazing retreat where we take time to learn the key elements of a successfull meditation practice. I have been practicing meditation for over two decades now and I can't wait to share with you how it can help you towards creating a healthier, happier more purpose driven life. Below is a video of  Pico Iyer - beautifully elaborating on the importance of stillness in our lifes. Check it out and if that resonates with you - this retreat is for you.

See you at the retreat
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Daniel Marty

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