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New!  summer classes

"Life is about growing it's about expansion - can you feel it ?"

on  Orcas Island
$ 35 per person / 90min / Groups welcome

This is a crash course in stillness - because we all need it for a healthy, happy and balanced way of living. The backdrop for this class is Moran State Park where you'll be surrounded by breathtaking nature. In a relaxed and engaging setting you'll learn essentials tools and techniques that reconnects you with your spiritual nature and true purpose in life.  If  a holistic approach to health and well-being is your path in 2019 - this class is for you! No previous meditation experience needed!

To book a session contact:

phone:  206.718.7078

$ 35 per person / 1 hour / 1-4 players

Pickle ball is so much fun and embraces young and older players alike! If you are curious about how to play the game that has gained a huge following all over the country - let's do it! 
This class introduces beginners to the fundamental strokes and rules  while challenging already familiar players to take their game to the next higher level. Be prepared to have lot's of fun and probably buy a paddle when you're back home  - because chances are that you love the game so much that you want to keep playing for years to come.

To book a session contact:

phone:  206.718.7078

$ 55 per person / 1-4 / 2 hours

Learn how to paddle board on Mountain Lake on Orcas Island. Surrounded by a breathtaking scenery you'll learn not only skills that gives you the confidence to paddle on your own but also a new perspective to be in harmony with yourself and nature. Explore new shorelines and resting places or go for a swim and make memories that will sure want you to come back for more adventures that feeds your heart and soul.

To book a session contact:

phone:  206.718.7078

$ 55 per person / 90min / Groups welcome

A class for those who want to learn more about a healthier way of eating. Held at a beautiful Island home, you'll enjoy not only samples of hand crafted vegan/vegetarian treats but more importantly tips and tools how you too can successfully transition into a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle.

Daniel and his wife Jodi have decades of experience how to make healthy eating a way of living and love to share with you insights that makes your journey more fun, enjoyable and lasting.

phone:  206.718.7078

$ 150 / One-on-One / 2 hours

Are you thinking about living or building on Orcas Island? Daniel has a wealth of information to share with you how to make this dream a reality. In a relaxed conversational setting we'll cover essential questions you might have before making the big move. You'll get a tour of an island home, built by islanders and leave with peace of mind that you too can live and play in a place we call home.

To book a session contact:

phone:  206.718.7078

About me

Gruezi, guten Tag, hello and thanks for visiting my site. My name is Daniel Marty and I was born and raised in Switzerland - best known for chocolate, cheese, Zurich, banks, cows, mountains and probably Roger Federer. Equipped with a formal education in fine carpentry and a bachelor in education, I spent most of my working years teaching in classrooms or designing and building stuff that's made of wood. In my late twenties a powerful spiritual transformative awakening ignited a quest for deeper meaning and purpose in life. That continuous journey of personal growth led to intensive healing retreats and advanced education in coaching and organizational development as well as aquatic body work, non-violent communication, conflict management and most recently holistic wellness yoga.

I believe that this multifaceted background fueled by a lifelong commitment to move  inward and forward - personally, professionally and spiritually, enables me to help my clients successfully to do the same and shift towards a healthier, happier more purpose driven life - but you'll be the judge of that.

In 2006 I moved from Switzeerland to the United States and live now with my wife Jodi on Orcas Island - the gem of the San Juan Islands who's naural beauty captures the heart of thousands who love the outdoors every year. Together we are running, a successful vacation and retreat destination, providing people from around the world an opportunity to rejuvenate and restore body, mind and spirit.

I look forward to your call and helping you to create a life and a living you truly love.

Live inspired
Daniel Marty

For interviews or coaching call:   206.718.7078     
Or email:                                          [email protected]

  be inspired

to eat real food
to exercise and stay fit
to use a challenge to grow
to reconnect with your intutition
to contribute to a healthier planet
to open up to a deeper purpose in your life
to become a force of good and healing
to let go of fear and negativity
to become a person of integrity
to empower yourself and others
to manifest abundance
to take action

 make    wise choices

We all know how it feels to have a job that pays the bill but isn't a match for your natural skills, talents or interests. We've all been in relationships that lack intimacy and growth. We've all had great intentions but didn't follow through. It's so easy to get too comfortable, slowly drifting into negative lifestyle habits that is taking a toll on our well-being. We can't change the past but we can alway chose to make better choices today - and that's what 'Inspired Living Retreats' is all about. Helping you to take charge of a life you truly love and use a challenge as an opportunity to grow stronger.