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Take some time for yourself and recharge with us in beautiful places. Connect, share and learn with like minded people who dream big, choose consciously and act bold. Re-evaluate, re-focus and re-imagine your life's priorities. Feel the power of being present and explore more of who you are and what you love. Our retreats are a perfect blend of vacation and personal development. If growing on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually sounds intriguing to you and you'd love the idea of combining that with a nature inspired getaway - 'Inspired Living Retreats' are for you!               

Daniel Marty
Inspired Living Retreat  - Founder/Facilitator/Coach

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  1. Bigfork, MT
    Bigfork, MT
    When: January 18-21st, 2019 Where: Bigfork, MT Price: $ 420 plus lodging
  2. Orcas Island, WA
    Orcas Island, WA
    When: April 26 -29, 2019 Where: Orcas Island Price: $ 870
  3. Tuscany, Italy
    Tuscany, Italy
    When: Sept. 8-14 2019 Where: Italy, Umbria Price: $ 1950
  4. Orcas Island, WA
    Orcas Island, WA
    When: March 22-25, 2019 Where: Orcas Island Price: $ 870
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     a holistic approach   

Our trainings are designed to help you create a strong foundation for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. We have different themes on our retreats but you can always expect daily meditations, exercise, healthy meals, powerful group conversations and tons of inspiring tools, tips and techniques that will help you live a more REAL and inspired life.
We believe in the healing power of nature and  organize our retreats in pristine and vibrant places. Take a walk in the forest, hike around a mountain lake, swim in the ocean or marvel at a beautiful sunset. Nature
knows how to bring us back into our center and our locations will inspire you to relax, recharge and rejuvenate naturally.

We rent homes to facilitate our retreats. Usually the houses are big enough to accomodate all of us but sometimes we need more space and make recommendations of ideal locations where our particpants can get lodging. 
Delicious vegetarian (mostly gluten and dairy free) breakfast and dinner are all included in your retreat. Under the guidance of our kitchen staff we take turns to help out with some of the preparation of
our meals. Please let us know if you have any food sensitivities, so we can accomodate your needs in our meal planning.

We take reservations on a first come first served basis and since our retreats are small (8-12 guests) they usually fill up quickly. Your reservation is confirmed once we received your full deposit and we accept credit card or PayPal to make your payment.
Regardless the time of your cancellation, you will be refunded your full payment less $200, if we can re-book your reservation. If we can't rebook your reservation, your full payment will go towards another upcoming retreat that you can chose when it fits your schedule.

  be inspired

to eat real food - to exercise and stay fit -  to use a challenge to grow - to reconnect with your intutition - to contribute to a healthier planet - to open up to a deeper purpose in your life - to become a force of good and healing - to let go of fear and negativity - to become a person of integrity - to empower yourself and others - to manifest abundance - to take action - to dream big - to do what you love - to care deeply - to live your purpose

keep growing

In life you are either growing or dying. The tree is either growing or dying. So is grass, so is your marriage, so is your business, so is a person. Is your career, relationship, health, finances, spirituality growing or declining? That's the question we should ask ourselves more often.

The same is true for your lifestyle habits, talents and skills. If you're not using them you're loosing them. A language that you don't speak disappears, an active lifestyle turns into a passive one. A brain not used cannot grow. A heart clouded in judgment cannot love. You get the point. Stay engaged and nurture everything in your life that you want to grow.

 make    wise choices

We all know how it feels to have a job that pays the bills but isn't a match for your natural skills, talents or interests. We've all been in relationships that lack intimacy and growth. We've all had great intentions but didn't follow through. It's so easy to get too comfortable, slowly drifting into negative lifestyle habits that is taking a toll on our well-being. We can't change the past but we can always chose to make better choices today - and that's what 'Inspird Living Retreats' are all about. Helping you to take charge of a life you truly love and use a challenge as an opportunity to grow stronger.

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